Brenda Schoenfeld

Brenda Schoenfeld silver necklace

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Brenda Schoenfeld

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Stunning silver Brenda Schoenfeld necklace.

It measures 17″/43cm.

Brenda Schoenfeld was born in Taxco, Mexico into a dynasty of legendary artisans.

Her late uncle’s were famous master silversmiths known since 1946 as “Los castillo’s”, While her grandmother, fashion designer, Tachi Castillo provided visiting european aristocracy and sophisticated fashion conscious American women with beautiful extravagant couture wardrobes.

Initially brenda experimented creating exclusive jewellery pieces for personal friends, and by 1990 requests for her creations grew dramatically, leading to the opening of her first signature boutique in Dallas, Texas.
Brenda was very soon recognized as a source for uniquely feminine and finely articulated silver jewellery.

The success of her flagship boutique sparked the interest of major national retailers and encouraged Brenda to expand her collection into the wholesale market.
By 1992, “Brenda Schoenfeld” jewellery was selling throughout the united states in over 2,000 locations.